What do you think is the most destructive force to mankind?

What do you think is the most destructive force to mankind?

Think about it, it’s our fault that the ozone layer is breaking. It’s our fault that animals around us are becoming more and more extinct and it’s our fault that we created pollution with our technology. Human kind is destructive in itself and what’s worse? We’re going against mother nature. We’re trying to push back the time and things she has planned for us such as medicine since death is mother natures way to clean out the gene pool as we’re honestly just wrecking it! I mean we could be saving the sickly (Although, I think that it’s very important to do) for all we know, we could be possibly spreading more sickness genetically into the future! We could be spreading all these awful genes into our future descendents from what we do now.

The most destructive force to mankind is greed. The greed for power. Everyone wants to have control over something. Commonly, it’s power over their own lives and power over their actions. But I think if someone gets a taste of something greater, it gets harder and harder to give up. I’m not just talking about being a dictator or ruler some kingdom, which most likely have the greatest negative influences on people. I’m talking about things like money and getting things others don’t have. People get greedy with the green and think the more hold in their hands, the better their lives are. They like showing others how much greater they are than them. After a short while, they ache to do it again. Having power and the greed for it makes people forget that having it does not make you better than everyone else. It makes many forget that it can disappear quickly. I don’t think power is the most destructive force to mankind; it’s the greed that pushes many to seek out for more. It’s such a common and dominant force that I think the destruction that it can cause if left unchecked can be massive.

Hands down Religion is the most destructive force known to mankind. Combined with racism and you have one tough bitch to handle. And if we are not careful religion will be the death of man. Every major war has a reason –expansion,wealth,power,greed but religion tops it all. Religion can destroy a nation and it’s people and if you though that religion is the reason for our morality –we have morals inspite of religion! The idea of a god was first created by thinking men as a means to explain that which we cannot explain but it has since evolved into something much more complex and dangerous.

Despite all the progress we have made as a species,we are still held back by the disease called religions. Imagine what all we could have achieved if it wasn’t for religions. We would certainly be exploring the galaxy by now! Religion is like a cancer;it spreads and destroys everything in it’s past. As I type this some hindu fundamentalist leader is planning the next attack against what he thinks is “immoral”,some muslims are planting a bomb and christian fundamentalists are plotting to terrorism a non-christian community and Zionists planning the third world war to have power and rule the world.

Religion keeps us from progressing. On the other hand, religion can be found as the root of many issues today –but that’s when it is used in a particular way. But wait,who is it that uses religion to cause people pain –well,man of course! If there was no religion,then there would be no utopia as depicted in Star Trek. Man would use something else to cause the same amount of trouble. That’s just some people’s nature. So I would say that the most destructive force to mankind is man himself. Think of it like this –of all the animals on this planet of ours,man is the only one that kills for fun. Other animals kill to protect their young,for food,or even for control of the pack. We shoot animals for sport. What does that say about us?

So i feel the most destructive force to mankind is greed. What you say ???????

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