The Best Productivity Apps For Your iPhone

Let your iPhone increase your productivity with these apps


Owning an iPhone has become a trend these days. It is considered to be one of the most happening phones in the world. iPhone has great apps and it is considered to be cool to own an iPhone.

The best thing about owning an iPhone is that you have thousands of apps to
deck up your phone. Some apps are specially designed to increase productivity
and make your life a lot easier and fun!

Talking of iPhone apps, they can be worse too! Some apps do not have
relevance and it is not suggested to keep them. Here are some cool apps that
will increase the productivity of your iPhone. Something you should have on your iPhone!

The easy way out

There is an application known as AirSharing which mounts your iPhone on your system or laptop via wireless internet and transferring of files becomes easier. AirSharing allows one to view files which are not supported by iPhone. You can view any file if you want even it is not supported which makes life a lot easier.

The trusted buddy

Sometimes it is hard to remember bank info and codes. Writing them on pieces
of papers and carrying it in the wallet everywhere is not a safe option. eWallet
does the job of storing your password and bank info in a secure place. The
security features of eWallet are amazing! You don’t have to really memorize your account info because eWallet will do the honours. This application is highly recommended for everybody who tends to forget their account info frequently.

Word wise

Sometimes it so happens that we are reading the newspaper or talking to
somebody and a new word pops up. What does one do then? You cannot just carry a dictionary with you all the time. WeDict Pro is the perfect application for you.
It is a dictionary for your iPhone – something you can use anywhere and
everywhere. There is a Chinese dictionary too – in case you are too keen to know Chinese.

Note taking made easier

What happens when you are taking an interview and the person is rambling
away? Or your professor is steadily giving the lessons and till the time you
take out the pen and paper – the lecture is over? SimpleNote has made life
simpler. It is an app which lets you make notes in no time. It is the best note
taking solution and is very popular as an app. It is the best when you have to
jot down notes or keeping your notes organized.

Travellers delight

Gone are the days when we had to jot down our hotel reservations and flight
ticket number in a diary in the organizer column. The TripDeck is a really cool
app which is highly efficient in terms of planning you upcoming trip or keeping
a track of your itinerary. It helps you organize your itinerary, managing flight
and hotel details, finding phone number of the travel agents. A must-have if you
are a keen traveller.

So, if you want productivity – these are the must haves on your iPhone app
list. You can also explore other real cool apps which are not just productive
but fun too! So, get an iPhone and accessorize it with cool apps.

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