Point on Ignorance

A little point on ignorance. Every day I seem to fight against ignorance. Most of the time it centres around the theme of finance and money, but over the past week it’s been more around computers / IT / social media as a marketing tool. It turns out that people are lazy. I guess I used to be part of that majority – that is until I discovered a magical thing called Google (and YouTube). Don’t know how to use bookmarks in your web browser? Google “how to use bookmarks in a web browser” or look up the same thing on YouTube – goodness me – step by step instructions on how to do it? You’ve got to be kidding me! Hold on, you mean I can do that for any topic? You mean there are other people in the world who’ve had this problem in the past?! (note the sarcasm please).

Tomorrow will be a half-day for work – probably the morning but it will depend on a few factors. I’m so psyched as I’ll be turning XXXX with nothing solid planned aside from being open minded.


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