Cool Tools

Cool Tools automatically follows Twitter users based on geography or it follows the followers of a given Twitter account. If you have a location-specific Twitter account (restaurants, for example), you can find people to follow within your geographic area of operations. If you have a topical interest-based Twitter account, you can follow the followers of a Twitter account that shares similar interests (fans of a particular football team, for example). The one sure-fire way of gaining Twitter followers is by following other people to get their attention but that is a laborious task. frees up your time to Tweet great content to entice those people to follow you. lets you easily build maps from an Excel spreadsheet.

Stypi is a real-time collaborative text editor.

Posterous Events – Launched with their iPhone app earlier this year at SXSW, the events feature is location-aware and allows for group sharing of event content at one Posterous Events page, a nice tool to crowdsource and consolidate event content.

Bing Heat Map Creator let’s you import  data and overlay it onto a Bing map to create wonderful heat maps! is the Klout-like influence-ranking site for photo-sharers.

It’s gotta be Google+ this week. It is looking for all the world that Google finally got one of their social media efforts right from the outset.  Connect with me.

Penultimate – A very cool handwriting app for the iPad. It’s making me re-learn how to write.

Twitter for Newsrooms is a one-stop shop for reporters looking to make the most out of Twitter on the job.

Kurrently is a quick and dirty real-time search engine for Twitter and Facebook.

Sparked is a microvolunteering network that connects volunteers with nonprofits that need design, branding, and copywriting help.

Tweet Topic Explorer gives you a visualization of a given Twitter account’s most recent tweets.  You can see, at a glance, the topics a Twitter user tweets. 

The LinkedIn Connection Timeline plays back your LinkedIn connections through the course of your career. It’s pretty cool. Take it out for a spin.

Google Advisor, a one-stop-shop for consumers looking for mortgages, credit cards, checking and savings accounts, and certificates of deposit.

Feedly presents your feeds from Google Reader in an easy-to-read magazine-like format.

Google’s Page Speed tool tells you how fast  your web page downloads (or how slow); Google favors sites that download faster over those that take longer.

Facebook Business Page Migration Tool lets you transform a personal Facebook account into an actual Facebook Page.

Open Site Explorer tells you what sites link to a given web page.

Facebook Studio is a site devoted to helping brands create great Facebook pages through collaboration, examples and learning.

Goolge Content Removal Form – Wanna get libelous content removed from Google’s index? Use this form, pursuant to a court order.

Spam Check – Will analyze your email for keywords that can trip spam filters.

FourGraph – Create an infograph from your very own Foursquare data.

Google’s Follow Finder analyzes following and follower lists of any Twitter user to find people you might want to follow. This is a great tool for finding key influencers based on the the lists of a known influencer.

Google Sets spits out related concepts based on the keywords you enter. It’s a great brainstorming tool.  

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