Appearances can be deceiving… Usual …………….MK

Amazing Optical Illusions On Web


Crazy Almonds


You would think that these almond are moving, but these are not.




Rotating Circles

These circles are not moving. Seriously!



Count the Elephant’s Legs?

Can you count the elephant’s legs in the following picture?




Castle Over Water

Keep staring at the dot in the first picture. When the second picture appears keep staring at the dot, for a few seconds for your eyes it seems that the second pic is in colors which actually is not, because that’s justin black and white colors.



Go to the source and grab the black stripes image on the right and slowly drag it over the other white stripes layer and watch what happens?

Trippy Optical Illusion

If you want to feel the effect after taking drugs without taking anything then try thisillusion. Stare at the center and when the video stops look away fromcomputerscreen.

Distance Difference Illusion

Go to the URL below at source. Don’t press thebutton“Ruler” first! Grab the central arrow with your mouse and drag its tip to the center between the outer arrowheads. Now you may press “Show Ruler” and learn how you fared!


Watch this illusive circle which appears to be moving.



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