Googlocrocy : How Google plans to Control you !!!!!


Googlocrocy ?

Does this idea strike you as something that has come out of Web 8.0 When google will overtake microsoft finally ( Operating system) and make its own operating system and sell it to you. And you will be forced to buy it. it will be googles world baby so you dont have anything to say about your own. Your voices will be taken through a system which converts it to a hymm saying ” Google is Lord Respect it ” and your kids will be made to study books filled with Advertisements so if sometimes they have to drift off to sleep or sleazy dreams then a google shocker ( Patent pending 2029) will shock them back to the school where robots will be teaching your kids how to earn more for Google.

How does google plan to make that happen?

Search : Google controls more than 68% of search engine market so lets say its indistrictable. By default beaten competitors like Microsoft, Ask, Yahoo have failed to stir the roots of this abominable giant. Even cuil was forgotten like a dead fly for whome no one cares now.

Adsense : Billions have been spent and Billions earned through Adsense. Amazon and others tried to break the glass with their feeble fields but all were futile against the overlord. More than 90% of the earnings to google are earned by Google Adsense so if your still thinking how Google did it and You coudnt do it after reading 100s of books and stuff? because thats google baby

Adwords : The at par brother to Adsense, Adwords biddings have reached up to 100$ per click for top keywords. Google automatically earns through that . The more competitive the market is , more the earnings for the company.

Knol : Google now wants you to belive at what it says. Google Knol launched as a competitor to wikipedia is another attempt to brainwash you of your commonsense.

Browser : There you have it , Blogosphere was abuzz with news and finally its out. Google Chrome which has been released under a BSD license is released through a open source license so anyone can go and customize it. So google has strenghthened its strongehold on your cookies and Everything. The ideology of applications on a browser looks nice, but a future with Google adsense all around those applications seams possible too.It has already overtaken opera in the marketshare whats next? Firefox ? Ask the worried Mozilla Ceo

Youtube : Google already has all the videos you have uploaded and as the internet grows the multimedia market is growing.

Gmail : Google already knows all your secrets so any resistance is futile. We have been exposed naked by ourselves so switching to others wont help. Gmail is the best Email solution available out there and you know it .

Google Android : Googles Mobile operating system is also alive. So google will have access to your mobile.

Google Operating system : I bet google will also have an operating system in planning and then try to shake microsoft on the OS market. 

if you observe the Karma or the Web in which Google has entackled all of us its marvellous. it made a slow and painful start providing search to Yahoo now yahoo is its Pet. All these services are closely knitted and sooner or later its going to strike? The only question is when.

Here I would like to point out an intresting article by George Dyson you have take a look at it Are we Searching Google or Google is searching us

Love, Peace & Freedom !



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