View Twitter and Facebook in Star Wars style with Kinect Star Wars

This is the social networking app you’ve been looking for… 

Download the Kinect Star Wars mobile app and view your Facebook and Twitter feeds in the style of the iconic Star Wars opening title sequence!


Microsoft has launched the Kinect Star Wars app for smartphones. The app is a social networking app with a difference, it lets you view your Facebook and Twitter feeds in the famous style of the ‘opening Crawl’ at the start of Star Wars movies. The Kinect Star Wars apps will let you sync with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to allow you to view both inside one app, even in one stream if you wish. Your Facebook stream, Twitter stream, mentions and even direct messages are viewable within the app.

The app is great for people who love Star Wars and also like to catch up with friends on social networking websites, and to be honest, how can anyone not love Star Wars?

“We are literally putting the Force directly into people’s phones to help launch Kinect Star Wars” says Stephen McGill, Microsoft UK director of Xbox and entertainment.

The app is available right now and is free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


The app is to celebrate the launch of the game for Xbox 360, which is by LucasArts and Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft Studios. The game uses the Kinect motion peripheral so users can use the force; wield a lightsabre and control podracers and starfighters. You can even use your voice to make various commands. The game takes place during the prequel trilogy, which starts just after Episode 1 and concludes during the events of Episode 3.

You can find more information over on Facebook. Please let us know what you think of the app and game in the comments



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