Real Grass Surprisingly Covers York Minster Cathedral

Real Grass Surprisingly Covers York Minster Cathedral

It’s confusing to see someone mowing a lawn inside the arches of a cathedral, but that is what’s happening inside of York Minster, the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. 2012 marks Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, which commemorates her 60 years on the throne. Throughout the year, the country has planned a variety of events to celebrate this special occasion. One such event is the 900-person dinner that will take place inside of this cathedral which will raise money for the York Minster Fund.

In preparation for the York Minster Rose Dinner, the 14th century nave has been transformed into a yard of fresh grass. The real grass—called Wow!Grass! because that’s what people say when they see it—was grown in felt that was recycled from British textiles so that it could easily be rolled out to cover the space, and then easily cleaned up afterwards. Placed inside the cathedral, the layers cover more than 16,000 square feet. Guests will walk across the freshly grown terrain and experience indoor dining on a landscape of outdoor beauty. Sky News explains, “The living carpet technique has been used at various other high-profile events, including making grass sofas for the National Trust and giving Trafalgar Square the appearance of a village green.”

If you want to learn more about the installation, you can watch a video 



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