African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes!!!!!!!

African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes.

What do you think of African men? 

If the movies are to be believed… they certainly like to blow things up.

This hilarious short video sheds some light on the truth. 

We may not notice it but in popular culture, in particular in our favourite Hollywood movies, we are constantly bombarded with stereotypes of people, cultures, and genders. This may seem like harmless fun but if we don’t consciously acknowledge these images as false, they can shape our perceptions and the way we treat people, without us even realising. This great short video attempts to expose, explode, and dispel Hollywood stereotypes about African men.

As well as being hilarious, ‘Four African Men School You on Hollywood Stereotypes’ is a powerful video and highlights stereotypes of Africans that I for one had never really noticed. So next time I see Matthew Mcconaughey or Leo Dicaprio fighting an aggressive African with an evil laugh, I’ll laugh. Not because it’s funny but because I know it’s ridiculous and I know it’s not true.

The video was written by Benard, Brian, Derrick, Gabriel and the Mama Hope Team; it was directed and edited by Joe Sabia. Mama Hope is a non-profit organization focused on building self-sufficient communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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