What’s the most ridiculous IT request you’ve ever heard? Does it beat these?

What’s the most ridiculous IT request you’ve ever heard? Does it beat these?

The world of IT might not be widely known for [checks dictionary of ‘Yootspeak’ for correct acronyms] – ahem – the LULZ, the ROFLs and the LMFAOs, but by Jingo, if it’s a rare old wheeze you desire, then IT Support Helpdesks are where it’s at.

101 Most Ridiculous IT Service Requests blog


You can always rely on the computer-illiterate man to come out with some damned fool things, once he’s been thrown in at the shallow end of information technology.

Things like:

  • “What kind of ink cartridges do I need for this scanner?”
  • “Does this monitor come with the latest version of the internet?”
  • “How many pins does a sixteen-pin cable have?”

And, somewhat unfathomably:

  • “I am having problems printing. Does this have anything to do with the meteor shower? I was just wondering.”

All genuine questions, taken by bewildered IT Support Technicians throughout the land. What drives a person to ask such things? What was this person doing while technology was taking over the world? Are they a ‘Charles Babbage’, someone who’s heard of computers and once shared a lift with a man whose second cousin owned a ZX81; or are they a ‘Never Been Kissed’, the type whose technological mindset exists somewhere between the fall of the Roman Empire and the arrival of the Black Death in Europe? For instance:

  • User: “I’m sure it’s the correct password. I typed in the one I saw my colleague use to log into her machine.”
  • Helpdesk: “And what password was that?”
  • User: “Five asterisks.”

What the dickens?

Want more? You can find additional, finely-tuned foolery and hastily sketched IT-novices in 101 Most Ridiculous IT Requests.

Why not download it now and marvel at the absurdity?



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