For some dumb reason

For some dumb reason, my office considers me the “IT Guy” simply because I know a couple of ways to Photoshop heads on to bodies of Power Rangers. However, I do what I can and try to solve any problems that come my way. But let’s be clear…I ain’t an IT guy. Just a normal human.

If you’re looking for an IT guyz, then get your motherboard down to SBSS(


These guys will fix you up. I have used them over the years for installations, repairs, and just general questions. I have even had them on site to prove to my coworkers that I’m just an idiot with mere photo-cropping skills.

Their turnaround time is good, and the price is fair. Although I have never purchased equipment from their store, I have noticed that what they have on display is souped-up and ready to get you moving.

Give them a call, and they’ll get you fixed up so that you can get back to surfing the net on company time.


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